Late Nights I Dream Of

I’m sitting here, with just one light
It’s quiet, it’s cold
And my thoughts drift to you,
As they always do,
I wonder if maybe
Things will shape up
Maybe tonight, I’ll see your face
Or maybe in the morning
I’ll be surprised with a kiss,
Just one little kiss,
That’s what I’d like
To give my life, its much needed spike
Maybe tonight
I’ll hear your voice
As you whisper a sweet goodnight
And I would whisper back
Something sweet, but silly
We could laugh, in short little giggles
Till you fell asleep
Though I would lie awake
As I always do
Pressing a little closer to you
I’d close my eyes
And focus on your breathing
The movement of your chest
Against my back
I’d drift to sleep
Just to find you again
Laughing in my dreams


Making Herself

Playing in the dirt
She contents herself
Making mud pies
And playing pretend

Her mother calls
For her to come to dinner
She bounds into the house
Covered in earth
Her small face
Rosy and bright
A laugh from her mother
A chuckle
From her father

Time passes them by
She changes dirt
For paint
Making stories
With her pictures

Her father calls for her,
She walks down the stairs
Her skin still rosy
Under the greens and yellows
That her story left behind

Her mother shakes her head,
Tells her to wash
The daughter looks to her hands
And does as she’s told

The Cardial Clock

The night is silent
When we first meet
You do not speak
And neither can I

You break the silence
A simple “Hey.”
Is all it takes
And soon sound blooms

A pause in us
But the night is not quiet
Nor is it really night
Dawn buds awake

Day passes
In quiet murmurs
We trade stories
And secrets

I wonder,
As night creeps back,
What will it be like
After you’re gone