I Always Liked the Heat, But There are Limits

Somehow grey emptiness consumes me tonight
Like the cigarette smoke in my lungs
Coating me inside to
The yellow smell on my fingertips

Last time I was ate up
By cool wind that carried mist from the north
I drew paragraphs of lines,
My coffee-cream summer skin
Broken up with red like my hibiscus tea.
I watched it seep up with force.

I expelled demons I left unnamed
Refusing to give them proper housing.
But they have returned, trying to claim what I never had
They cling like peasants to bread
Roasting my soul in their brick oven
Burning the edges and melting me at the core.


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Here, some staff picks of smart, funny, bizarre and cool stuff on the interwebs this week:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, To This Day is a beautiful collaborative project that combines spoken word poetry and a flurry of eclectic animations to raise awareness about bullying.

[ted_talkteaser id=1335]Soon you, too, will turn out to be a replica of yourself made from a 3D printer. For now, a two-million-year-old whale fossil will suffice. [CENtral Science] Watch seven TED Talks on the wonder of 3D printing.

The famous Bill Cosby sweater has a surprisingly interesting history. [Smithsonian.com]

In the 1950s, nuclear bombs increased the amount of Carbon-14 in the air, allowing scientists today to carbon date human tissue. [Smithsonian.com]

[ted_talkteaser id=1204]A new paper by TED Fellow Jessica Green on better ways to estimate diversity in the body. [Phys.org]

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Sassy Jack Frost

Sassy Jack Frost

My friend; sydneyranae.wordpress.com
It’s Spirit Week at my school and the theme was “Fire and ice” [Lame, I know.] So we came up with this idea and she dressed as Jack Frost.
After school I made a comment on how much I enjoyed “Jack’s” purse. This was the response.